Here you can meet my academic career as an instructor, lecturer, panelist, speaker, consultant and reviewer. This journey started as an instructor in a course of technology foundations in 1995 since then I have never stopped teaching. 

Currrent Teaching

  • 2019 and 2020 – Business Architecture (TOGAF and Zachman)

Teaching History – Lecturer in bachelor’s degree programs

2007 – MNG7 – Organizational Systems (Faculty Unicesp)
2007 – TCH7 – Technology Fundamentals (Faculty Unicesp)

2008 – TCH8 – Information Systems Management (Faculty Unicesp)
2008 – TCH8U – Technology in Financial Management (Faculty Unicesp)

2009 – UTCH9 – Discrete Mathematics (Euro American University)
2009 – TCH92 – Information Systems  (Faculty Unicesp)
2009 – TCH93 – Information Systems Management (Faculty Unicesp)

2010 – UTCHO – Project Management  (Euro American University)
2010 – UTCHG – IT Governance (Euro American University)
2010 – UTCHI – Information Systems (Euro American University)
2010 – UTCHE – Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Euro American University)

2011 – UTCHI – IT Governance (Euro American University)
2011 – UTCHP – Innovation Management (Euro American University)

2012 – UTCHM – Man-machine Interaction (Euro American University)
2012 – UTCHQ – Software Quality  (Euro American University)
2012 – IMADM – Project Management (IMP Institute)

2013 – IMADM2 – Strategic Project Management (IMP Institute)

2016 – IND8137A – Technological Entrepreneurship (Polytechnique Montréal)

2017 – IND8137A – Technological Entrepreneurship (Polytechnique Montréal)

Academic Positions and Curriculum Development Activities

2011-2012 – MBA Program coordinator {Catholic University at Fundacao Universa}

  • Developed a proposal for updating the MBA IT programs at Catholic University (2012).
  • Developed a Guide: “Term Paper Guidelines” for MBA programs at Catholic University (2012).
  • Developed Catolic University‘s new IT Governance MBA course (2011).
  • Developed new curriculum for Project Management MBA course (2012).
  • Developed new curriculum for Software Engineer Graduate course (2012).
  • Developed and teach “Research methodology: case studies in technology for Catholic University MBA students (2012).

Executive Development Programs (EMBA) – Catholic University

  • Executive MBA Programs – Project Management (2011)
  • Executive MBA Programs – Project Management (2011)

Examining Commitees (final term paper):

a. Served on Examining Committees (Undergraduate) for:

  • Mendes, ACA (2010). Metrics for Evaluation of Software Quality – A comparative Analysis of ISO Standards. (Catholic University)
  • Xavier, GLR (2010). Software quality: methodologies for agile development. (Euro American University Center)
  • Costa, AH (2010). Architecture of web systems: design patterns and components. (Euro American University Center)
  • Cavalcante, TFM (2010). Transforming software requirements in business requirements. (Euro American University Center)
  • Heinzelmann, AS (2011). Virtual Learning Environment: Practices in a military organization. (Euro American University Center)
  • Oliveira, GYE (2011). Evaluation of e-learning interfaces for blind users. (Euro American University Center)
  • Santos, ELG (2013). Decision support in choosing Frameworks Struts 2, JSF, Wicket. (Catholic University)

b. Served on Examining Committees (MBA) for:

  • Junior, EAC (2010). Software Engineer: Study metric for evaluating effectiveness tests. (Euro American University Center)

c. Advisor of Undergraduate Students

  • Silva, Luiz Alexandre Rodrigues and Pereira, Michael Wallace (2011). Process Management: Mapping System Brasilia Logistics Airport Baggage. (Euro American University Center)
  • Araujo, VM (2009). Issues of Money Laundering. (Faculty Unicesp)


Guest speaker:

Invited by UNIP – Universidade Paulista
: Higher education debate (2013)
Lecture given by Bassis: Andragogy: critics and opportunities

Invited by PEARSON Education
Event: 9th. Pearson University Forum   (2011)
Lecture given by Bassis: Technology and teaching, what paths?

Invited by Colégio Militar Don Pedron II
:  Education and military education (2011)
Lecture given by Bassis: New technologies in education – Challenges and perspectives

Invited by ULBRA – Universidade Luterana do Brasil
:  Seminar on evaluation and planning of e-learning (2003)
Lecture given by Bassis: Educational Project Planning – e-Learning cases

Invited by AD1 Colégio e Faculdade
:  Week of academic lectures (2002)
Lecture given by Bassis: Internet professionals

Invited by Faculdade Santa Terezinha
:  Week of academic lectures  (2002)
Lecture given by Bassis: I.T. professionals

Invited by UNISINOS – Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos
: Higher education debate (2001)
Lecture given by Bassis: Professions and emerging challenges in information technology

Invited by SOFTSUL
:  Conference : Technological updating (2000)
Lecture given by Bassis:  Wireless Application Protocol Technology

Invited by Associação Comercial, Industrial e de Serviços de Novo Hamburgo
:  16th Infotech (2000)
Lecture given by Bassis: Internet and mobile phone

Invited by Associação Comercial, Industrial e de Serviços de Novo Hamburgo
:  12th Infotech (2000)
Lecture given by Bassis: Online stores and last generation websites